The Amazon Herb Garden

There have been over 200,000 botanicals identified in the rain forests, and with its closely guarded perimeter by its own growth it can be considered a closed ecosystem. It is protected from the influences of chemicals and other items that are infused into many links in the food chain.

Flowing through the central portion of South America, the Amazon River is home to over half of the animals species in the world. It also the home of many herbs and spices and is known in many natural medicine circles as the largest natural pharmacy in the world. Targeting the specific products available in the Amazon rain forest, the Amazon Herb Company has spent years researching the botanicals growing in the region and producing health products based on their centuries of use.

In many cases, processed food have difficulty being absorbed into the body, especially among the elderly and plant based foods, without all the artificial ingredients are more readily used by the body. The Amazon Herb Company focuses on the plants in the rai forests for their purity and nutritional richness to provide the nutrients as vitamins that everyone needs for better health.

By using botanicals from the rain forest regions, the Amazon Herb Garden Company produces only all natural products for nutrition and skin care.

Amazon Herb Garden Gives 10 Percent of Profits For Rain Forest Preservation

Only about two percent of the plants from this region is used in about 40 percent of the medicinal products and those used in other therapies, there is still a lot to be learned from these plants. Amazon Herb Company has learned much in their research from natives who have used the botanicals for centuries and have few of the health problems that affect modern man.

The Amazon Herb Company’s research and education foundation focuses on providing rain forest botanicals for research and additional study to determine their available use in many aspects of health care. It will also supply herbs for clinical study and additional investigation to hospitals and research facilities.

In addition to giving 10 percent of the Amazon Herb Company’s profits for rain forest preservation, the company works with the natives and the harvesting of the botanicals used in the company’s products provides an additional income for the native residents. The value of the rain forest land is said to be boosted by growing useful botanicals, estimated to produce about $2,400 per acre. In contrast using it for raising cattle drops its worth to about $400 an acre.

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