Herb Gardening For Fun

Icontainer-herb-garden-1f you love gardening, but you are looking for something different to try or something on a smaller scale because of space limitations, you may want to take a serious look at herb gardening. You plant and watch your herb garden grow just as any other garden, but your herb garden will produce completely different, edible products, some of which are re-seeders that you will continue to sprout and grow year after year. When getting involved in herb gardening, you will find that the aromas produced by these herbs will be completely different than what you are used to. It may not seem like it now, but you will also find that these plants can produce beautiful flowers that will make your garden stand out like no other you‘ve ever seen.

What To Grow In Your Herb Garden

Mint – This is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It grows to about 2spearmint feet and is rather rambling, so you will want to space mint plants about 12 inches apart. There are many uses for mint, including the use mint juleps, lemonade, in mint jelly, and other fruit drinks. The next time you have lamb try just a little.

Borage – When the plant is small, it usually resists transplanting. If you want to add a different flavor to your tossed salad, you may want to try adding some borage in the mix. Growing to 2 feet, these herbs should be placed 10 inches apart. 

dillDill – This is an easy-to-grow plant and it comes with feathery foliage. It is used in pickling and also to flavor meats. It has a very robust odor.

Sweet Basil – This herb grows to about 18 inches tall, has deep red foliage and beautiful pink flowers. Basil is also used to flavor tomato paste and tomato juice. It is recommended to use this type of herb along a walkway or perhaps as a bed for decoration in your garden. 

Those are only four of the plants regularly used in herb gardening. There are so many more that it would be completely worth your time to look up the other ones also. They are all so different and each provides something different for you, including the appearance of the plant.

If you are looking to find new and different plants to use in herb gardening, there are a few places that you can look. You can go to just about any store that offers plants for sale and you can ask someone working there to show you the herbs that they have in stock. Also take a look at our Ebay listings on some of my pages. I have never been disappointed and the prices are great. Do your research ahead of time, know what your looking for. Start by looking on Ebay, the Internet or perhaps by buying a book about herbs. That way, you will know what you are looking for when you get to the store.

Herb gardening is a great way to grow something different in your garden. The blossoming process is beautiful and each plant has something to offer to you. If you are looking for something different, then surely you should try this.

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