Effect Of Maca Herb On Sexual Desire?

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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root-like vegetable shaped like a radish that grows high in the harsh climate of the Andes Mountains in Peru at elevations up to 15,000 feet. Natives of Peru use the maca herb as food and medicine, and also to improve their sex lives.

According to folklore, ancient Incan warriors took the maca herb before going off to battle to make them physically strong. However, they were later prohibited from using it in order to protect conquered women from their heightened libidos. The ancient practice then became the basis of the maca herb as an energy tonic used by athletes from all over the world.

The right Maca dosage depends upon many factors including age, weight, and sensitivity to herbs. In most cases, a maca dosage of 500mg is usually sufficient.

What Is Maca Herb?

Maca herb is a plant that belongs to the mustard family. It has a long history of being an herb that could promote sexual function and fertility. The endocrine system includes all of the glands and the hormones they secrete, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, and energy levels. Normal sexual function requires healthy organs and healthy glands to produce the necessary sex hormones.

How Does Maca Root Work?

Many of the compounds in maca have an effect on the central nervous system. The mechanism of action of maca is presently not very well understood, but probably is independent of a hormonal effect since studies show maca does not influence blood levels of hormones, for instance testosterone. Maca has alkaloids, steroids, tannins, saponins, and cardiotonic glycosides. Maca root contains sterols, uridine, malic acid, macamides, and glucosinolates. Oil components include phenyl acetonitrile and benzaldehyde.

Will Maca Herb Help Sex?

Feeding high dosages of maca root extracts to normal male mice tripled the frequency with which they coupled with female mice. The term aphrodisiac in all probability will come to your mind straight away. An aphrodisiac, from the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is defined as anything that provokes sexual interest or desire. Human studies with maca herb indicate maca supplementation leads to enhanced sexual desire.

The extract is made from pounding or pressed maca herb roots and is said to have a store of health benefits for your body. It is mainly used as a tonic to provide or enhance energy. Maca herbs are capable of setting the mood, increasing sexual desire and drive, and increasing sexual pleasure.

These herbs also help chronic health problems such as arthritis or diabetes.

Mostly, maca herb has been found to be an energizer to help battle fatigue, stress and to intensify your libido. Recent studies have shown that maca herb root has a high concentration of calcium, iron, protein, phosphorous, fiber, and minerals. All these nutrients are beneficial in helping to maintain your health and well being.

Traditional herbalists use maca for a variety of ailments. It is used as a lubricant for stiff joints affected by arthritis. Maca herb is also used to ease respiratory illness. Maca is also capable of aiding health conditions that might otherwise inhibit sex. These conditions include: the male problems of impotence, prostate problems, and male menopause and the female problems of menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

Side Effects Of Maca

Maca root has few side effects, high doses could lead to insomnia, but as a rule maca root is quite safe as long as reasonable amounts are consumed.

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