plant-an-herb-gardenHow To Plant An Herb Garden

Before you get any plants or seeds ask yourself “Why do I want to plant an herb garden?” Do you want to grow herbs to sell to local restaurants, or do want herbs for your personal use? If you want herbs for personal use, then you won’t be planting acres of soil. You also won’t need a greenhouse. You can plant an small herb garden almost anyplace, in a window box, in flowerpots kept in your kitchen, or and in more places than you probably thought possible.

The Broken Wheelbarrow Herb Garden

While living in England, I wanted to grow a few herbs for my cooking and herbal medicines. (article continued below...)I thought you would like to see some herb plants for sale

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As I was figuratively dirt poor at the time, I couldn’t invest heavily in a lot of equipment and tools. But I did have a broken wheelbarrow. It had a couple of holes in the bottom of it that would provide perfect drainage. If you have a large pot, tub, barrel or wheelbarrow you want to use to plant an herb garden, make sure there are some holes for drainage, otherwise your herb garden will become a sticky swamp.

I then found some large stones and placed them in a single layer in the bottom of the broken wheelbarrow. I then shoveled in some fertile soil and then planted herbs I’d bought from the grocery store. I left the wheelbarrow outside in a sunny spot.

The broken wheelbarrow worked very well as a portable herb garden until the river Avon flooded and took it away. I guess the river likes fresh herbs, too. Anyway it only took one afternoon’s work to plant an herb garden.

Choosing Your Garden Herbs To Plant

Before you plant an herb garden, take a serious look as to what herbs grow well in your part of the country. There was no sense of me trying to grow basil outdoors in England – it’s just too cold to grow basil. But parsley and coriander (called cilantro in America) grew very well, considering they are tough little herbs. I was going to grow mint, but I had read that mint has a tendency to overtake the whole herb garden, so I nixed that idea. So, you need to read up on not only what herbs you like to have about the home, but about what can grow in your area and what kind of requirements the herb needs in order to thrive.

And you will make mistakes along the way. Before you plant an herb garden, be resolved that you will learn from your mistakes and not get upset by them.

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