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A windows sill herb garden project is a great way to get your kids paying attention to gardening. By planting a windowsill herb garden, you can bring your favorite herbs indoors and the entire family can enjoy them all year long. Growing herbs in windowsill gardens is a great way to keep them close at hand during all seasons.

Because a windows sill herb garden project is small in scale, kids don’t lose interest. And because herbs grow quickly, kids are quickly satisfied by the success of their indoor windows sill herb garden project. Because it is fun to eat what window sill herb garden  2you grow, when you start a windows sill herb garden with your child, you just might introduce in them a lifelong love of gardening. a (article continued below...)
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If you are interested in starting an windows sill herb garden indoors with your children, follow these simple tips and you and your child will have lots of fun creating cherished memories as you learn a few things about gardening.

Start With The Right Windows Sill Herb Garden Planter Or Pots

Whether you choose an individual pot or one large container, you want to make sure that it will have room for the overall growth of the plants. Be sure that the chosen area or windowsill is large enough to house your container as well. Clay or plastic pots are most commonly used when growing herbs; however, nearly any container can be used as long as it provides adequate drainage.

Depending on the age of your child you may want to let him or her child take ownership of windows sill herb garden project by letting them choose the pots you plant your herbs in. Let your child’s imagination run wild when it comes to choosing a container or containers for your herb garden, just make sure that the containers have drainage holes so the herbs won’t be left in standing water for long periods of time.

For an added bit of fun and a touch of whimsy in your house, why not let your child paint terracotta planters in bright colors. When the paint has dried, you can apply a clear glaze to waterproof your child’s artwork and keep it fresh and easy to clean.

What To Grow In Your Window Sill Herb Garden

Planting a windowsill herb garden with your child is more fun if you stick to a simple plan. Do some research and decide if you want your herb garden project to contain annual or perennial herbs. Perhaps you are interested in an herb garden with unique textures or a garden that blooms in one color.

There are a lot of different herbs that you can successfully grown in a windowsill herb garden and can be purchased from local nurseries and garden centers. Many can even be started from seed. Some of the most popular types of herbs which are grown in windows sill herb gardens are sage, basil, oregano, chives, mint, rosemary, thyme, parsley and marjoram.

Don’t forget you'll also want to place your windows sill herb garden in a sunny window; light is a major factor when growing herbs.

How To Grow

After you have selected the herbs for your windowsill garden, place them in the container using a soil less potting mix. Soil less potting mixes contain natural materials and drain better. They also help prevent the herbs from catching any soil-borne disease. Be sure to leave at least an inch of space at the top of the container for watering. When watering remember herbs do not like to be kept too moist. If left sitting in standing water for to long, the herbs may become waterlogged so be sure not to over water the plants.

Take Care Of Your Windows Sill Herb Garden Project Together

Teach your child to water and feed their garden as needed. It is also important to pinch back your herbs and keep them from flowering if you want to extend their growth cycle. Let this be a lesson in responsibility, by not automatically stepping in and taking care of the plants if your child forgets. Share in the harvest and take time to cook with your child, using the wonderful herbs you grew together.

Your herb garden can be fertilized about once a month with an edible-only fertilizer; however, taking care not to fertilize too much. You don't want to take away from the natural taste of the herbs in fact some herbs taste best when grown in poor soil with no fertilizer. Normally, the best way to fertilize is by mixing the fertilizer with water and applying it to the plant during watering.

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