Zodiac Herb Garden

Of all the gardens I have seen, perhaps the ones that have stayed in my mind the longest have been those where the significance of the herbs has been emphasised through available literature or descriptive labelling, or more memorably through the grouping of the herbs according to their specific quality ... These special gardens, called theme gardens, are a very effective way of emphasising the importance of herbs and stimulating people's interest in the wider area of herb knowledge. The concept of a theme garden opens up all sorts of possibilities for herb garden display.

In many ancient civilizations herbs were used to treat almost all ailments. These herbs were believed to be most effective and potent to the ailment and individual when under a certain position of sun, moon, planet or star and at the right time of year. Ancient civilizations honestly believed in the magical healing properties of these herbs enforcing the power of positive thinking and healing.

Herb Growing Basics

Setting up your own zodiac herb garden is relatively easy. Find a space which has adequate sunlight. Always remember that plants need sunlight to grow. Aside from adequate light, you need to choose the proper soil for your indoor herb gardens. The funny thing about herbs is that some of them actually thrive better and taste better in poor soil. According to some studies, herbs that grow slowly in poor soil tend to produce more essential oils compared to those plants that grow fast in rich soil. Actually, what this study shows is that length of time that the herb grows affects the quality of its oil. Mature herbs produce more oil and since we tend not to harvest our herbs when they are small and sickly looking, the herbs have enough time to mature. The thing here is not to grow your herbs too fast so that you will have better tasting herbs. To help control the grown of your herbs, select the right size of containers. Smaller pots or containers will restrict the growth of your herbs while bigger pots or containers will allow enough room for your plants to grow at a faster rate.

When growing your herbs in zodiac herb, you should know when to water them. Since your indoor herb gardens are not exposed to direct sunlight, the soil may not dry up fast. To know when to water your plants, touch the soil. If the soil still feels wet, do not add more water. Too much water can cause the roots of your plants to rot and the plant will die.

List Of Zodiac Herbs And Plants

Here is a fun list of herbs which go with Zodiac Signs. Growing a Zodiac garden consisting of your very own Star Signs herbs is extremely rewarding. You will have a lot of fun planting, nurturing, and eventually using your herbs. Adding a bench and other things to the herb garden makes a great place to sit and contemplate with some comfortable seating.

Sign of Aquarius Plants

violets, daffodil, rosemary, sage, mint, fennel, comfrey, wormwood, southernwood, valerian.

Sign of Pisces Plants

 lemonbalm, sage, borage, lilac, basil, nutmeg, lillies, clove.

Sign of Aries Plants

basil, catmint, nettle, wormwood, geranium, cypress pine, chervil, carnation,

Sign of Taurus Plants

violet, marshmallow, catnip, mint, thyme, elderberry, primrose, rose, carnation, honeysuckle, saffron, strawberry, jasmine, soapwort, tansy, wormwood, yarrow.

Sign of Gemini Plants

oregano, licorice, honeysuckle, horehound, dill, mint, parsley, anise, lavender, marjoram, fennel.

Sign of Cancer Plants

sage, parsley, mugwort, aloe, evening primrose, lemon balm, myrtle, cinnamon, water lily, hyacinth, all night blooming flowers, bay leaves.

Sign of Virgo Plants

caraway, chervil, dill, mint, morning glory, horehound, cornflower, petunias, lavender, lily, marjoram,

Sign of Libra Plants

catnip, elderberry, thyme, iris, lillies, moneywort, ivy, St John’s wort, bergamot, lemon balm.

Sign of Leo Plants

tarragon, dill, rue, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense, camphor, clove, eyebright, sunflower.

Sign of Scorpio Plants

nettle, onion, basil, catmint, honeysuckle, wormwood, sage, catnip, coriander, elder, garlic.

Sign of Sagittarius Plants

sage, basil, borage, chervil, nutmeg, sage, clove, saffron.

Sign of Capricorn Plants

chamomile, heartsease, lambs ears, rosemary, marjoram, rosemary, dill, tarragon, caraway.

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